You decide it’s time to build a new deck and then your excitement comes to a screeching halt when faced with planning the details. That’s the bad news. But the good news? You no longer have to sweat the small stuff.

Our new, interactive Trex Deck Starter tool takes the stress out of deck designing. Three simple steps stand between you and your vision: design it, price it and build it. It’s that simple.

Choose and then size your deck plan.

Pick from our 18 decking colors to find the board hue that’s perfectly you. Brown, grey or red – we’ve got a color that complements every home style imaginable.

Finally, choose your railing. Does a cocktail rail with its sturdy board top to accomodate wine glasses and sodas fit your entertaining needs? Or do you prefer the sleek, sophisticated look of aluminum? Perhaps a perimeter made from mixed materials better suits your aesthetic? We’ll help you pair your favorite deck color with one of our three designer railing selections, or choose the no-railing option.

Once you’ve 1-2-3’d your way to your ideal deck, share your email and we’ll send you everything you need—from a list of materials, to a cost estimate, to a selection of nearby retailers and TrexPros who can help you see your vision through. We’ll even give you a call if still have questions. 

Decking never sounded less daunting.